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“R.I.P ” – Moor iLL x Brittany Chrishawn x Brandon K. Hampton x (Official Music Video)

“R.I.P.” is a track onĀ ArtByTrade’s playlist where visitors can stream and download exclusive music.

While in Barcelona Spain (April 2016) with Brittany Chrishawn for her 7 O’ Clock music video shoot, Moor iLL was inspired to produce his first diss track. Finally, he was fed up with negative energies existing in his life and felt evoked to create a ritual through creative expression that would relieve him of these energies. And thus, “R.I.P.” originally named “R.I.P. to Negativity: Ether of Space (SpaceMob SC Diss)” was written – right there in Barcelona, Spain.

Shortly after, Moor iLL asked Brittany Chrishawn to critique the hook he’d come up with for the song. Coincidentally, the hook became Brittany Chrishawn’s personal contribution to the final masterpiece as her adjustments became permanent changes to the song.

Later, Brandon K. Hampton called Moor iLL on the phone to vent about an incident he’d recently encountered with the very group that “R.I.P.” was written about. So of course, Moor iLL told Brandon about the track and the rest was history. In conclusion, this video consists of scenes in Houston, TX, Los Angeles, CA, and Ramona, CA.

R.I.P. – Moor iLL x Brittany Chrishawn x Brandon K. Hampton x 2G Ali (DOWNLOAD)



Ausar Moore
Ausar Moore, Brandon K. Hampton, Brittany Chrishawn

Ausar Moore, Brittany Chrishawn

iLL Phenom (beat producer), Brittany Chrishawn (author, vocalist, mix/master engineer), Ausar Moore (author, vocalist, audio recording engineer), Brandon K. Hampton (author, vocalist), 2G Ali (author, vocalist)