Pour Up Artwork - Moor iLL x Brittany Chrishawn - ArtByTrade XiZ

“Pour Up” – Moor iLL x Brittany Chrishawn (Official Music Video)

“Pour Up” is a track on ArtByTrade’s playlist where visitors can stream and download exclusive music.

Brittany Chrishawn and Moor iLL played major roles in this production while volunteers of various skills offered their assistance where necessary. This video was filmed February 2016 in Jacksonville, FL as Brittany Chrishawn wanted to creatively depict her hometown memories. The song, “Pour Up”, was created January 2016 in Houston, TX, but it reminded Brittany of late night Duval kickbacks. And so, she asked Moor iLL to help her bring the vision to life.

Getting tipsy is always fun – hence, this project was a fun and interesting collaboration for everyone onboard.  The theme of this video is based on “the classic house party”. Therefore, its setting is at night; also, the party takes place in a two-story house in the heart of downtown Jacksonville. So of course, it involves drinking, smoking, dancing, passed out guests, etc. The tone of the video is “chill” and the atmosphere is laid-back.

Pour Up – Moor iLL x Brittany Chrishawn x Sky.P (DOWNLOAD)



Ausar Moore

Zocode Filmz

Brittany Chrishawn, Zocode Filmz

Sky P. (beat producer, background vocalist, audio engineer), Brittany Chrishawn (author, vocalist, mix/master engineer), Ausar Moore (author, vocalist, audio recording engineer)