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“I Got Em” Moor iLL x Brandon K. Hampton (Official Music Video)

“I Got Em” is a track on ArtByTrade’s playlist where visitors can stream and download exclusive music.

Moor iLL had just broken away from a hip-hop collective that he felt wasn’t going anywhere in the year 2012. So, Moor iLL traveled to Santa Fe, NM where he collaborated on a few projects with some old high school peers. However, his old friends could not seem to keep up with his work ethic so he began to work independently and “I Got Em” was born. This video features cameos from Brandon K. Hampton who also helped with the cinematography.

At the time, it seemed difficult for Moor iLL to find “good help”. So, this video was created during a time when he was thinking about his own brand and forging his own path. Hence, “I Got Em” is marked as one of Moor iLL’s first solo tracks. Due to the circumstances, he chose to leave his old pals and their lack of work ethic behind. So shortly after the creation of this video, he dissolved all affairs and moved to New York City in hopes of finding the right people to build an empire with.



Ausar Moore

Brandon K. Hampton

Ausar Moore

Ausar Moore
(author, vocalist, audio recording & mix/master engineer)