HOMIE Song Cover - Moor ill x ArtByTrade XiZ

“Homie” – Moor iLL (Official Music Video)

“Homie” is a track on ArtByTrade’s playlist where visitors can stream and download exclusive music.

Homie is a jazzy song with a very classy feel. It is a familiar sound that the hip-hop genre is missing. This new school rapper, Moor iLL, has created a vibe that can fit in any time period of hip-hop and also push the genre forward. Moor ill resurrects the essence of hip-hop and uses words to paint pictures as vivid as Nas’s illmatic. He gives the perspective of a young black American male’s thought process in a capitalist society during the information age. You will notice his lyrics are as boastful and braggadocios as any hungry rapper eager to engrave their name in history. His stream of consciousness styled flow mirrors the information age; He leaps back and forward from idea to idea like somebody scrolling through their social media timeline.

This video was shot in Los Angeles, CA. It was late summer or early fall of 2014 and Brittany Chrishawn thought it’d be a good idea to take advantage of the lovely scenery. She and Moor iLL filmed on top of the Runyon Canyon Park mountain. They also captured the urban culture of downtown L.A. while strolling through alleys near MacArthur Park.



Brittany Chrishawn

Brittany Chrishawn

Brittany Chrishawn

Sound Providers (beat producer), Ausar Moore (author, vocalist, audio recording engineer, mix and master engineer)