Get Off My Bone (1)

“Get Off My Bone” – Moor iLL x Brittany Chrishawn (Official Music Video)

“Get Off My Bone” is a track on ArtByTrade’s playlist where visitors can stream and download exclusive music.

In 2013, Moor iLL was in East Orange, NJ where he originally created the song “Get Off My Bone”. Two years later, Brittany Chrishawn fell in love with the cool-toned melody of the track and asked to “hop on a verse”. At first, Moor iLL joked with her about not having a “bone”, but he honored her request.

In November 2015, Brittany Chrishawn and Moor iLL worked on a project for Zocode Filmz. In return, Sozo Jaxon (head of Zocode Filmz) agreed to film, direct, and edit a music video for the artists. Since Brittany and Moor iLL were already traveling to Jacksonville for Black Aceldama, they decided to take advantage of the opportunity and film the music video for “Get Off My Bone” while there. As a result, this music video was filmed in Jacksonville, FL.

Due to Florida’s lovely scenery, the team was able to capture the harmonic beauty of two conflicting settings. So this video sets you in midday of fall 2015 in the heart of downtown Jacksonville as well as Jacksonville’s countryside near a natural lake cut off from the city by an old railroad track.



Zocode Filmz 

Zocode Filmz  

Zocode Filmz, Brittany Chrishawn  

Brittany Chrishawn (author, vocalist, mix/master engineer), Ausar Moore (author, vocalist, audio recording engineer)